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Roach Control

We all hate roaches. Personally, my dislike for them knows no bounds. I’ll be full of doubts if someone walks up to me and say they like roaches or start going all lovey-dovey about roaches. In any case, you’re here because you want to learn about roach control. So let’s get on with it.

Dating back to the Carboniferous period 320 million years ago, roaches are among the oldest organisms. According to science, they’ve existed long before we humans came into the picture. They make habitats of damp warm places. They seeking safety from darkness when there’s light. As far as insects go, roaches have an amazing tendency to live in harsh conditions. From the biting cold of the arctic climate to the extreme heat of the tropics, they will survive. They can survive several months without food and water, multiply at an immense rate and notoriously difficult to exterminate. They also run a nocturnal schedule and have impressive hiding spots that make extermination even harder.

But with these tips, you can take little but significant steps in controlling the population of roaches in your home.

Roach Control Tips

Practice Home Sanitation

Keeping your home clean is the first step to controlling roach infestation. Battling a roach infestation without first properly cleaning your home is a poor way to deal with an infestation. Your home has to be clean most especially before you go to bed at night. Because it’s usually at night they come out to forage for food around your home. Once they find food in your home, it’s hard to keep them away. Endeavor to also clean your garbage bins.

Clean Your Kitchen

Kitchens are the usual forage grounds for roaches because there’ll always be food particles lying around here. Before you go to bed each night, be sure to clean all surfaces and appliances in your kitchen to perfection. Pay extra attention to your cabinets. If you have food in the kitchen, place it in containers that are properly sealed, and store them away in your refrigerator.

Keep Pet Food Containers Clean

Roaches also get the diet they need from your pet’s food. We advise you clear your pet food containers of all food particles. They can also contaminate your pet food. This could constitute a health hazard for your pet. Wash the containers as an added precaution.


Before you go to bed each night, ensure water sources are properly sealed. Confirm that there are no leakages and spills anywhere in your home. Make sure your sinks, tubs, and anywhere that recently had water in it is dry. Your toothbrushes can also prove to be a source of nourishment for roaches. Make sure they are dry and sealed properly each night.

Eliminate Hiding Spots

Cracks and crevices can provide roaches with the warmth and darkness they need to survive. Move around your home, examine the walls, doors, and windows. If you locate any crack or crevices, seal it with a caulk gun.
Use Sprays, Baits, and Dust

They are very effective in fighting a roach infestation. They could deal a fatal blow to the roach population in your home. Baits are particularly good. When they consume the bait, they die. By contact with a poisoned roach, the poisoned fecal matter of other roaches or feeding of a dead roach (dead from bait consumption), a roach will meet its end. This method will reduce their numbers quickly.

Roaches like all pests are resilient. While these methods are good controlling roaches, they are ineffective if you don’t have enough patience to see it through to the end.

Power Line Pest Control

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