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Ant Control

Ant’s may be tiny but they make up for their size in their numbers. They are so numerous they make up approximately 15 percent of the terrestrial animal biomass on Earth. The total population of ants is estimated to be between one – ten quadrillion. With these stunning figures, ants could be a problem in our homes.

These nasty little blighters are seen around food sources in our homes. You may be lucky to find only a few of them in your home. Other times, you’ll find large numbers of them, around, trailing to and fro a food source. Their preferred food type are those rich in sugar – you don’t want to leave your sugar lying around. It’s a clear and open invitation to them. Large numbers of ants signify an infestation. If you have an infestation, there’s little to nothing you can do to eradicate the infestation.

Battling An Ant Infestation

If you’re up for a battle, the first step you should take is identifying what species has infested your home. This is important – knowing the species makes it easy to better control them because various species of ants have varying habits and preferences. Its alright if you’re unable to identify the species. The tips listed below are effective on most pest ant species.

  • Locate, Identify and Seal All Entry Points. Ants always have their nests around food source and seeing that your home is a potential food source, they’ll have their nests close by. Locate an entry point around and within your home. Once you’ve located tiny cracks in and around your windows, doors, and walls, seal these points with caulk, silicon or other appropriate materials. This is possibly the hardest thing you’ll do, but it’ll go a long way in combating the infestation.
  • After you seal those entry points, clean the surrounding area with a damp towel. When ants move, they leave pheromone trails that lead to the food source. Cleaning the area around the entry points you’ve located will erase these trails. Clean up after yourself too. Not only is it healthy, but it helps lower the infestation.
  • Ants may be of different types, but we know they’re all attracted to sugar. Most of the foods we consume daily contain sugar. Cleaning the place after eating is an excellent way to battle an infestation. Clean spills, crumbs, and practice hygiene. Cutting ants off their food source is a way of saying: Hey, it’s time to pack up and leave.
  • Like every living organism, ants need water to survive. Minimizing their access to the moisture they need is very effective. You can do this   by fixing leaks, drying all surface and attending to spills quickly.

You ‘gotta’ admire the ants though. They are very resilient, persistent and hard working. Their hardworking nature has been and is still in use to educate, lecture and motivate people to work.

But their resilient and consistent nature makes them particularly difficult to exterminate. If you have seen signs that your home is suffering from an Ant Infestation, you could try applying pesticides such as baits, sprays, and dust.

Pest Control Services
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